Game On! Tournament and Fundraising Challenge


What is the Fundraising Challenge?

A competitive fundraising team effort to raise money for charity causes that really resonate with us. This summer it’s Together We Rise! We’re on a mission to improve the lives of children in foster care. The Fundraising Challenge donations are MATCHED by the Zwagil Foundation founders - Josh and Jenna Zwagil!

Did you know?

  • 1,200 children and teens enter the foster care system on a daily basis, totaling 430,000 children and teens annually
  • In recent studies, 60% of child sex trafficking victims recovered through FBI raids were once foster care children. 
  • Only 15% of foster children go to college. For those that attempt college, only 3% will make it to graduation. 
  • 51% of foster kids end up unemployed and 25% experience homelessness.

    Help us help them!

    Here’s your Fundraising Challenge:

    Gather your team! Fundraise! That’s it! You can share your team's fundraising link on your social media accounts, and involve your friends and family! See how many children you can help!

    The team that raises the most money wins the Fundraising Challenge. It's that simple. Points are awarded to the Game On! team for the win!

    Additionally, you have an opportunity to enter in our social media challenge. We will choose five random people who have shared the team fundraising link to win a prize just for supporting your favorite team! You do not need to be on a team or make a donation in order to enter. Anyone can participate! Just make sure to tag Zwagil Foundation in the post so you get the credit! You have until 12pm EST on 8/5/21 to tag and share for a chance to win and the winners will be announced during the tournament!

    To support your favorite team with a donation go to:

    GAME ON! Support Your Team! – Zwagil Foundation


    Game On! Tournament Winning Prizes:

    The team that gets the most points wins! Points are awarded for winning the Fundraising Challenge and for game play during the tournament.  The Game On! Champions receive team trophies, all the bragging rights and they get to choose which Together We Rise program to support with all the donations!

    We are passionate about fighting human trafficking and as we mentioned, 60% of children in foster care end up victims of trafficking. This is a way that we can fight for these children and truly impact their lives. By providing these children the resources, the hope and the dignity they deserve, we can help transform how these youth navigate through foster care. 

     For this event, we have partnered with Together We Rise to help foster children in need. The winning team gets to choose which program to support with all the donations given during this event. Remember, every $1 given through the Zwagil Foundation is MATCHED from Josh and Jenna. Double your money and double your impact!

    Make a donation at: GAME ON! Support Your Team! – Zwagil Foundation

    Winning team will choose from the following programs: 

    1. Sweet Cases: $25/each

    The practice of giving children in foster care trash bags to move their belongs is heartbreak. It makes children feel disposable during one of the most difficult moments in their young lives. Together We Rise created the Sweet Case duffle bag program to show children in foster care that they are supported and loved. A Sweet Case is a blue duffel bag filled with a teddy bear, blanket, crayons, coloring book, and a hygiene kit. Sweet Cases are geared towards children 10 and under, offering beautiful handmade designs. The custom details aim to uplift youth and remind children in foster care that they matter.

    2. Teen Bags: $15/each

    3. Back To School Packs

    WHY: Only 15% of youth in foster care go to college. For those that attempt college, only 3% will make it to graduation. Together We Rise is on a mission to end educational inequality for youth navigating the foster care system by providing essential resources and support.
    • Back To School Packs: $55/each
      • Target Age: Elementary - Middle School Students
      • Included:
        • Backpack
        • Binder
        • Dividers
        • Small Notebook
        • Colored Pencils
        • 6 Pens
        • 4 Mechanical Pencils
        • 4 Highlighters
        • Pencil Pouch
        • Note Cards
        • Coloring Sheets
        • Hand Sanitizer
    • Tech Packs: $200/each
      • Target Age: Teens
      • Included:
        • Chrome Book
        • Hotspot
        • Laptop Backpack
        • Power surge protector
        • Flash Drive 
        • Printer + Ink 
        • Headphones 
    4. Family Fellowship: $18,000/year
    The Family Fellowship is the largest college scholarship available for youth aging out of the foster care program.  The scholarship is dedicated to propelling youth in foster care into higher education through financial support and mentorship opportunities. Each student chosen receives up to $18,000 per year for up to five years with the goal of not only providing financial support but continued guidance during & after their tenure. 
    5. STEM Boxes: $35/box
     STEM Box is an interactive kit that allows children in foster care to experience projects centered around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.