Zwagil Foundation

GAME ON! Tournament 2 team option (10 spots)


And its GAME ON! this summer with the Zwagil Foundation for our 2nd tournament!

When: August 5th at 8 PM EST/5 pm PST

This option allows you to grab TWO teams and compete against other MDC affiliates in a high-stakes online ZF Game Show with 100% of the proceeds going to the winning side's chosen charity from ZF Partners! And as a bonus, if only one of your teams win, you get to assemble the 5 strongest players from BOTH teams to compete in the final round FOR THE WIN!

Register and add the following in the notes: 

A. unique team name

B. names and email addresses of participants on your team

C. If you want personalized t-shirts with team name for the tournament

***If this is your second time participating in our tournament, please still provide this info. Thank you!

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